Vacancy :
Job Code: HR00021
Country: Egypt,Cairo
Vacancy Deadline: 2017-12-31
Job Type: Full Time
Job Level: Junior
Education : BS degree in human resources, business administration or finance
Description : • Define affordable and competitive total compensation and benefits package that fits and is aligned to the company’s strategy and business goals • Develop a consistent compensation philosophy in line with work culture and organizational objectives • Ensure that compensation practices are in compliance with current legislation (pay equity, human rights, etc.) • Use various methods and techniques and make data based decisions on direct financial, indirect financial and nonfinancial compensations • Assess employees needs by conducting organizational psychology surveys to find out what motivates and engages employees • Prepare job analysis, job evaluations and job classifications • Participate in salary and labour market surveys to determine prevailing pay rates and benefits • Differentiate pay systems to invest in the segments of workforce that contribute the most value • Deploy effective communication strategies and success metrics • Conduct ongoing research into emerging trends, issues and best practices • Conduct periodic audits and prepare reports
Requirments : • Proven working experience as a compensation and benefits specialist • Working knowledge of job evaluation and job analysis systems • Adequate knowledge of current labour rules and regulations • Familiarity with various types of incentives and benefits • Extensive knowledge of HRIS and MS Office • Strong quantitative and analytical skills
Experience : 1-3 years
Gender : Any
Salary (L.E.): Negotiable
Notes :